Archaeologist and with a degree as Interior Designer, she evolves due to her natural curiosity and the people and places she meets.

Her scope goes from the updated classical to the most avant-garde combinations. A true lover of the world of antiquities, she knows how to connect the past with the present in many ways. And above all, Bego understands her client´s personality and then projects it to their homes or working spaces.

This is precisely the core of Interior Design: the personal likings are to be recognized in the small details. And Bego´s approach does indeed highlight this perceptions. Textures, colours, layouts, furniture, the role of the space and other technical aspects are key players in the final, unique personal touch we are all looking for. Bego considers and uses all these aspects and features to deliver individual works suited to the client's character and needs.


A good Interior Design project changes a home -completely. It brings the feelings of entering a new space that previously existed only in the imagination. And with BegoMH comes as well the personality of those who live there.


Selecting the work area has a decisive influence on two key aspects: the motivation of those who work there and the customer´s perception of the company. A proper mix of functionality and aestetics will definitely support better business results.


Many people and businesses want exclusively designed furniture for their spaces. Nobody else has the same, a fact that enhances their style and personality. BegoMH takes good care about matching design and the spirit of the persons who live and work there.


Do you like nicely wrapped up presents? Sure you do. Same happens with homes or offices: well decorated, their value and selling or renting chances go up. And this exactly is Home Staging. Interior Design at its purest commercial role to business.


BegoMH´s team audits the final cost of your interior design project, and checks its accuracy in terms of delivered quality, finishes, material and price.We also advise you about how reasonable is the budget you have, so you can take a better decision.


Pop-up or permanent, these exposition spaces grow in frequency and importance. No matter where if located in shops, industrial facilities or private flats, a professional layout and design enhances their promotional and commercial value.


diseño interiores tiendas
Bego MH Diseño de escaparates
Bego MH diseño de espacios contemporáneos

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